Big- Ma( Hannah Gilliam)

Hannah Gilliam ( Big Ma)

Big Ma Hannah Gilliam


Dennie Gilliam
Hannah Gilliam lived until she was 90 years old. She was married to Dennie Gilliam, he passed August 19, 1965. He was a farmer in Bertie, Windsor, North Carolina. They raised 13 kids. Bertha Bond (Issac Bond), Pearlia Gilliam (Philipe Hill), Agatha Gilliam (Ernest Cherry), Thadgers Gilliam, Cora Gilliam (Willie R. Ward), Thelma Gilliam (Leon Hyman), Jack Gilliam, David Gilliam (Lee Emma), Dennie Gilliam Jr., Emma Berry (Turner Gilliam), Mary A. Gilliam, Timberlake Gilliam (Walter Ellis), Sue Gilliam. They were loving and they valued family. She was a housewife and took pride in caring for the home and her children. She and Dennie made a good life together. The area was fortunate to have such a large family of loving people living there. Hannah was born on March 15, 1880. She lived a full life, held on to the family land/legacy until she passed on September 18, 1970. Through her life, she made an impression and increased the world's population with her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.