Gilliam-Hill Family and Friends Event 2024

Dates: June 14-16,2024

Address: 140 Coburn Rd, Windsor, NC 27983

This is the tentative itinerary for the Gilliam-Hill Father’s Day Weekend. Keep in mind itineraries and schedules are subject to change.

Bring your own RV (boondocking) or set up your tent on ‘Big Ma’ farm. All families and friends are welcome.


Arrival and Set-up Day:

We will be holding a fundraising event where we will be selling fish and fries start at 5PM and will continue until we sell out. The cost $10

Music DJ Stan

Movie Night: 9:30 -10:00 pm

Exercise-Walk trails 8:00am

Color Table Showing is from 1-pm -3pm

Games for children and adults: 12:30 pm Have fun and play a few games also card game.

Adults PaintIng ( Fundraising ) for $15.00 per person at 5:00 pm

Music / Performance / Open Mic 1:00 pm

Pig Pickin 5pm

Family Pictures: 4:00 pm This is an opportunity to take pictures with the family and friends.

Dancing in the street from 9:00 pm -12:00 pm with Dj Small Dawg & Wone’G


Spiritual service – 11:00 am Worship Service with Paster JC and Special Guest Rev.Calvin Grimes